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Silver VNC 1.0 for Windows Phone "Mango"

2011-11-18T23:21:55+01:00 by codeblock

Thanks to the new release of Windows Phone 7.1 "Mango", I've finally managed to publish the first release of Silver VNC 1.0. This version is made with the sources I've created for Silverlight 4.0 and published on codeplex at http://silvervnc.codeplex.com/.

Silver VNC 1.0 running on HDC HD7

On the left side I've posted a short video to show the capabilities of the Free Edition.

With Silver VNC free edition you can remotely view the desktop of a computer with the popular and free RFB protocol. You can easily install a VNC server downloading one of the known free versions like Real VNC, Ultra VNC and so on.

Please enjoy the application for free downloading it from the Windows Phone marketplace. I'm currently working on the next version that allows to send commands to the computer.

Comments (3) -

January 16. 2012 13:00

Cool.  I haven't seen VNC, and I would have thought it would be pretty hard to do in Silverlight, but interesting. Looks like a good job.


January 17. 2012 11:01


I love what you have done here, really cool indeed !

I was wondering what could be the improvments needed to be done in order to improvment the speed of the display. Even if it looks great, the screen is not refreshed quick enough for using it more frequently.

Do you have any advice on this ?



Renaud Laloire

January 17. 2012 12:18

Hi, currently Silver VNC only implements raw encoding. I'm committed to release the full version with control capabilities but probably I will add hextile and gzip following the next release. Thanks