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My Model-View-ViewModel exercise

2009-11-13T01:32:04+01:00 by Andrea Boschin

Senza-titolo-1 Some weeks ago I've worked on an exercise originally started to try writing a complete application with full Model-View-ViewModel pattern. I've created the application with Visual Studio 2008, Prism to integrate missing features and Ria Services July CTP to get access to a SQL Server 2008 Database.

The application is a little time tracker, and I've decided to attach it to this post because it was very useful to me to understand problems and missing things about the MVVM pattern.

In the next days I will write some words about these problems I found, but for now I only want to undisclose the application to let something download it and give me some comments about it.

If you decide to try the application remember to attach the database mdf in the zip file, to set the connection strings in the web.config and the credentials for reporting services if you want to setup it and finally enter "tracker" as username and p@ssw0rd as password.

I'm currently learning this pattern and I do not want to consider my implementation complete, perfect and without any error. So please let me know what do you think and how can I improve it. Thanks in advance.

Download: Elite.TimeTracker.zip (~820 Kb)

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Comments (2) -

November 16. 2009 05:28

Hi Andrea,
I have a problem with login, in the database I can see a user "a.boschin", not "tracker", but I don't know the password


November 25. 2009 19:33

great post


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